/ʃ t ɑː b i k ʌ s/, 2020

/ incantation of the observer /

I play with myself – I close my guts with the surface. The surface, being a symbolic boundary,
demonstrates my layer-covered bones. There is no skull, but it’s needed. The skull needs to have content.
If you let me, I’ll play with you. I’ll borrow your skulls, saturated with the world and the internet, so that
my body (my layer-enwrapped bones) becomes your skulls’ trans-port. I would compare you and myself
with matter and antimatter, and our touch – with an explosion, stronger than atomic.

/ cicadas chirping in the background /

I open my space to you – dive into my guts. Scratch your imagination with your eyes, get lost in reflections
and lose sight of where you are. Feed your fantasies like a wild horse. Awakened instincts do not obey
even to professional training. May what we will experience together be a therapeutic session, free of your

or my analysis, meant for nothing but feeling the present.


This installations was created for an exhibition „Head with many thoughts” in Contemporary Art Centre.

LRT video  and LRT live (in Lithuanian)