b. 1988, creating and living in Vilnius, joined artist run space and studios „StudiumP”, Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association in 2020, request CV

“All the energy and matter around me in creation becomes something dialectical, a fusion of a certain action and a opposite action, revealed over time. Sometimes that time is marked by objects, natural artifacts or paintings, drawings, costumes. My work is accompanied by a tangle between ideas and particles, randomly found and highlighted artifacts, the constant grinding and creation of speculation through the emerging materials that become a means of speaking. Through a certain sensitivity to notice things and the combination of those things, it is, for me, a kind of sorting – very personal, but at the same time, I believe and relevant. Matter and visuality, in the results of my work, carry a symbolic meaning, usually denoting time, death, a person’s relationship with the environment and its remnants. Everyday objects are placed in unexpected contexts, classic creative media are used to create unusual situations. It is important to me to create tensions between the living and the dead, between the observer and the object. In general, the most interesting place in an ideological sense is ‘between’. Between inanimate substances, life forms, the human, unused or obsolete objects, the body, and between the concepts themselves. My work, as far as I can experience it from the country, ignores stability, it is a means of various expressions to trace the traces of humanity in nature, the intertwining of body and psychology with matter. The aesthetics of a work are often determined by creative rituals that are based on short-term images. The depicting compositions are impulsive but create an impression of addiction. Manpaults often remain unclear as to who and why they belong, but it is clear that addictions and tensions tell a story.”